Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I am putting up 2 links to two different types of scripts I wrote. I'm not sure which one works better. The first script details where the camera will be going during the time range. The second script is a second my second detail so that both myself and the reader knows that there will be enough time during the 30 second dvd to move through the photos and span across the fridge. Remember, I am going for fast paced here, but still easy to understand what you're looking at.

Script 1: Description
Script 2:Second by Second

I've done some thinking about my ideas for my project (with Mike's help) and I am now trying to figure out just the details. Mike commented that my theme of girls just arriving to live in NYC should be fast paced, and I need a background to support that. Mike also said that I shouldn't be in the project, just directing it, which is absolutely fine with me. As you all know, my acting skills leave a lot to be desired. So both my roommates, my friend and my sister, have agreed (I told them they really didn't have a choice) to act as the "new girls in NYC", which they pretty much are as of December. Instead of using a photo album background, I have decided to use Polaroid photo's on a fridge, so that the spanning can be faster and the theme links more to a new apartment. I want to use Polaroids so that there can be name captions on the pictures, making it more like the opening credits of a sitcom. Since I want the theme to convey a feeling of being young and having fun, I want to have the background setting the fridge in a sort of messy kitchen. There will not be too much time spent on the bacjground however, so I think I'm going to use photo layering in a kind of cartoonish way for the kitchen scene. I don't want to use too much video, because I want the segments where the photos come alive to be a suprise, and to be of there own style. If any one has any suggestions about my latest brain storming, I would love to know!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

http://homepages.nyu.edu/~nld225/Program Treatment.pdf

Well I think that's the link to my program treatment, if I did this right! I have been thinking a lot about my project and its specifics in the last week, and I think I have a pretty solid idea. Now I just have to covince the roomates to be my actors, they'll love it I'm sure. If anyone has any good soundtrack ideas please let me know! (I'm thinking along the lines of "Friends").

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I've been thinking about exactly what I should do for my project, and I think I've decided on the photo album. I think I'm going to have the pictures actually "come alive" when the camera enters them (done with video). I have to decide what the theme of my photgraph will be and what type of soundtrack it will be set to. I've talked to my roommates this week, because I will need actors and it seems like the best idea to use them since they are always around and probably the people I have the most pictures of. Any ideas about interesting photograph themes would be appreciated. :-)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Theme: Tourist Technique: Stop Motion
Description: A tourist is walking through different neighborhoods in NYC. An actor walks and takes in the sites while in realtime scenes are changing around him.

Theme: Daydream Technique: Layering
Description: You "wake up" inside a painting (to be determined). You are taken through different layers and views inside a painting.

Theme: Picture Album Technique:Photo Layering
Description: A picture album on a coffee table made up of 2D images. Each photo in the album is an individual photograph that is layered in three dimensions.